Nick PineaultSo, who is Nick Pineault? Other than being the creator of Truth About Fat Burning Foods, Nick is one of the nutrition and health industry’s “good guys” and nutritional experts.

With all of the hype, scare tactics and labels that many put on what a “proper” diet should look like, Pineault prides himself on finding the scientific truth and not demanding his clients to be Paleos, Vegans, Activists, Real Foodists, Carnivores or any other labelled diet.

“Studying food, nutrition, fat loss and even cooking is what I love; distilling it down to simple tips that don’t bore you to death is what I do.” – Nick Pineault

Here are just a few things that Nick talks about and teaches:

  • How to use food to make your body burn MORE fat
  • How to remove the hidden fattening ingredients in your kitchen
  • Ways to make better food choices in general
  • Guidance on how to take control of your health

With the release of his latest book, Pineault has quickly catepulted into the mainstream as an authority, however he stays humble and is still a self proclaimed nutrition nerd. To learn more about his myth busting diet, click here to read our review or you can visit Nick’s site.