Why You Should Eat Saturated Fats 0

Deciding to reduce your weight might cause you to encounter people who will advise you to steer clear of all types of fatty foods. It is even possible for you to get this advice from medical professionals, different types of media and well-established food industries. These people would try to convince you that red meat can actually make you fat and that’s why you should stay away from it if you wish to eliminate your stubborn belly fats. Note, however, that stopping yourself from eating foods rich in saturated fats is not actually a wise move (read more about that by clicking here) since this only prevents you from enjoying the best foods that can help you burn more fats. The most recent research made by experts has in fact confirmed the usefulness of saturated fats when it comes to reducing your chances of suffering from heart disease. This type of fat is also healthy enough that it can actually help in weight loss.

Saturated Fats Improve Cardiovascular Health

You may not have read or heard about this statement in the past even if you regularly browse your local newspaper’s front pages, read online news, listen to radio news programs or watch television but this is actually one truthful fact about saturated fats. It plays a major role in improving your cardiovascular health. Adding this into your diet helps reduce lipoprotein inside your body which is often linked to increased risk of suffering from heart diseases. Increasing your intake of saturated fat is also a major help in raising your HDL level which is recognized by many as good cholesterol. Diet plans with higher percentages of saturated fats are also said to produce more favorable results when trying to lose weight.

Saturated Fats Support the Development of Stronger Bones

Another reason why you should stop avoiding saturated fat is that this is actually useful for people who wish to build stronger and healthier bones. You might have heard a lot of people say that consuming calcium-rich foods is your key towards obtaining healthier and stronger bones. While this is true, note that saturated fats are often needed to ensure that calcium is properly incorporated into your bones. This means that your decision to avoid saturated fats might only cause you to experience a significant loss in your bone mass, thus forcing you to deal with osteoporosis no matter how high your calcium intake is.

Saturated Fats Promote the Proper Functioning of the Liver

Your liver plays a major role in ensuring that all parts of your body correctly perform their functions such as the proper storage of fat, detoxification, absorption of nutrients and improving your metabolism. By increasing your intake of foods rich in saturated fats, it would be easier for you to protect your liver from all the dangerous effects of excessively taking alcohol, toxic foods and certain medications. It also signals your liver to eliminate stored fats from your body. Its ability to support a healthier liver while also improving your metabolism and getting rid of the fats inside your body is one of the major reasons why saturated fat is considered as one of the most efficient solutions to losing weight.

Saturated Fats are not Harmful to Diabetics

Contrary to what others believe, saturated fats are not actually unhealthy to those who are suffering from diabetes. It should be noted that your body needs insulin as a means of effectively processing carbohydrates, not fats. Despite the fact that fats contain more calories when compared to carbohydrates, the latter is what your body actually stores as fat. Saturated fats are actually good for diabetics because it slows down entry of sugar into their bloodstream, aids in reducing the GI (glycemic index) of food rich in unhealthy carbohydrates, and makes blood sugar more stable. It does not also trigger insulin resistance.

Saturated Fats: Other Helpful Benefits

In addition to the benefits of saturated fats mentioned above, there are still more reasons why you should stop avoiding this specific type of fat especially if you strongly desire to burn unhealthy fats from your body. Saturated fat is also beneficial when ingested into your body with its ability to keep your brain and lungs healthy, properly send the right signals to your nervous system, improve your immune system, and prevent obesity.