Why Skipping Breakfast is Actually a Good Thing 0

Most dieters often receive advice that is directed towards not skipping breakfast because of the dangers that are frequently linked to it. Most experts say that eating breakfast is necessary in starting up your metabolism, thereby allowing you to burn fats faster throughout the day. Eating breakfast is said to be extremely important that it can help anyone maintain a leaner body and healthier weight. Because of these beliefs, ninety percent of the US population makes it a point to eat their breakfast before they do their daily routines, but despite the widespread implementation of eating breakfast, a huge percentage of the American population is still composed of obese and overweight individuals. This leaves one to think that perhaps maintaining a healthy weight is less about eating breakfast and more about avoiding unhealthy foods and and learning to read food labels between the lines for what really matters.

If you plan to start following a healthier diet routine, then be aware that skipping breakfast actually produces great benefits to some people. Continue reading to learn more about why skipping breakfast is more beneficial than not skipping it.

Eating Breakfast is Often Associated with Eating on a Cheat Day

One of the major reasons why regularly eating breakfast becomes an unfavorable idea to some dieters is that there are specific people who tend to link their morning breakfast with the foods that they usually eat on their cheat day. Most people think that because breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day, it is just alright for them to fill up their stomachs with excessive amounts of food. In most cases, the following tend to be excessively consumed during this meal:

  • Sugary cereals containing very small amounts of nutrients
  • Sugary and processed instant oatmeal
  • Pop tarts
  • Egg muffins
  • Pancakes with syrup
  • White bread
  • Hash browns
  • Toast
  • Bagels

If you actually eat like a caveman during breakfast, then it is best for you to skip this meal especially if you dream of losing weight.

The Assumption which States that Skipping Breakfast Slows Down Metabolism is Actually a Myth

Note that eating and foods have no substantial effects on your metabolism. This means that it is wrong to assume that you should eat certain foods and specific meals of the day to achieve improved metabolism. You should also remember that your metabolism greatly depends upon your regular movements and exercises. This means eating habits do not actually affect your metabolism.

Eating Breakfast is Insignificant to Preventing Muscle Breakdown

This means that the meal will never be wholly responsible in preventing you from breaking down your muscles. Note that even if you skip breakfast, it is still possible for you to prevent the breakdown of your muscles by doing regular exercises. It should also be noted that you are not required to supply your muscles with protein every three hours. In fact, consuming enough protein when you are performing your workouts is actually more important than increasing your overall intake of protein.

Skipping Breakfast Does Not Have Anything to Do with Being Slow and Lethargic

One of the most popular myths linked to eating breakfast is that you will feel lethargic and slow if you do not eat it in the morning. Note, however, that this is only an assumption without any substantial basis. You should remember that being lethargic and slow does not have anything to do with eating or skipping your breakfast. It is actually triggered by the presence or absence of a hormone produced by the human body called ghrelin. This hormone works by dictating your hunger responses among a wide range of other factors including increased dopamine, increased output of growth hormones, and increased memory function and awareness. Because of this, it is no longer surprising why there are people who tend to be more productive in the morning even on an empty stomach.

Eating Breakfast is Often Linked to Increased Hunger

There are certain people who feel hungrier even after they eat a filling breakfast. This is not favorable for those who dream of losing substantial amounts of fat from their body. With this, it is best if you skip breakfast and start controlling your food choices. Start by reducing your intake of starchy carbs to prevent fat increase.