Hello! Thanks for checking out this Truth About Fat-Burning Foods Review. What I’ve got planned here is to just briefly show you all of the different PDFs you get when you order the system from Nick and a little peek inside. That way, you can see what the diet looks like, see how the information is laid out and make a decision that way.

First of all, one of my favorite things in addition to the info is the design. This thing looks awesome. I know, ultimately, that doesn’t really matter but it looks cool on your iPad or here on your desktop, wherever you’re reading it. That’s pretty neat. What I want to do is show you each book, they’re all PDFs, and then show you the Table of Contents. That way, you can just get a quick overview of what’s inside.

Here’s the main Four-Step Diet Makeover book. The book starts out with a little bit about Nick. Here is the Table of Contents. You can see what’s covered in here. What’s cool about these is you can click on them and it takes you to the sections, so you don’t have to scroll through and look at all the pages that way. As you can see, it is really well done. It looks awesome. It definitely has some good info as well. That’s kind of just what the book looks like here. I’ll show you, what’s neat is that at the end of each book, Nick has a list of references. This is actually a short list. Some of the other books have as much as eight pages of references. You can see that this really is a scientific-based eating program.

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Here’s the ‘Protein, Fat and Carbs’. This is actually the book Nick recommends you look at first. When you buy the program, he’ll email you a couple of emails. It’s kind of like an auto-responder thing, so they’re already pre-written and scheduled to be emailed to you. It’s cool because it’s encouraging and it’s motivating. He gives his recommendations while following the program. So that’s pretty cool.

Here’s the Table of Contents. From beef to milk, to nuts, he covers everything, all the different kinds of fats, carbs, and sweeteners. Each section is broken up, that’s pretty cool. Here’s just a little overview, Three Biggest Myths. That’s what the diet looks like. He covers beef, eggs, cheese, pretty much everything. We have a section on fat. Let’s see over here, vegetable oil, butter versus margarine, olive oil, coconut oil’s really popular these days and for good reason. Then it lists other oils, animal fat, avocados, yum. There’s a section about carbs, ‘The Truth About Gluten’, ‘Truth About Grains’. He can feel confident saying ‘The Truth About’, because, wait until you see all the resources that he gets. It’s really pretty cool.

Definitely a lot of work went in to this. I bought it because my wife wanted me to. She’s the health nut of the family. She really likes it and that’s cool. This is the book with eight pages of resources. You can link to them. These are like scientific studies, so they’re pretty cool. That’s 301 resources, that’s a lot of digging.

Okay. He has a book about drinks. I’m going to show you the Table of Contents here. He covers coffee, tea, sports drinks, soda, vitamin water, energy drinks, fruit juices, alcoholic beverages, and water.

Super foods, these aren’t as big of a hype anymore but they used to be. He covers the exotic super fruits, as well as the super powders and what you need to look out for and know about that.

Condiments, Snacks, and Seasoning Table of Contents. So, salad dressings to dips, on snacks, protein snacks, the truth about salt, that’s what you really need to look for.

Okay, and then the grocery cart, this is designed to help you go shopping and make smart decisions. A lot of the biggest complaints about ‘health foods’ is that they’re too expensive or they’re hard to find. Even as Nick talks about in the book here and then on his sales page, there’s that whole olive oil thing and how much of it isn’t actually healthy for you. How do you actually determine if it’s good? There’s a healthy or not part for different stuff there.

The Supplements. This comes with the main purchase. These supplements, as Nick describes them, are optional. They’re only optional if your diet and exercise is on point. Those are the most important. He’ll give his recommendations. There are obvious ones like probiotics, fish oil, and vitamins. These are more staples. These are what he labels as ‘essentials’.

These advanced are more the, make sure your diet’s on point. He even talks about fat burners, BCAs. Those are helping preserve muscle, digestive enzymes. The fat burners, honestly you don’t need them. He even says 99.9% of them are terrible. There’s only some that work. That’s, some that work safely, because if you lose all your weight because of fat burners, what happens when you stop taking them? That’s not needed.

Those are the main PDFs here. After you make that purchase, you’ll have the option of purchasing these recipe books. There’s fat-burning breakfasts, dinners, salads, shakes, and soups. I have to tell you these are awesome. I do recommend them, if it fits in your budget. If not, they’re not essential but there are some good ones in here.

I think the breakfast bacon and maple meatballs, that’s pretty good. Chocolate raspberry protein muffins. That’s pretty cool. You wouldn’t think of muffins as a diet food but he’s got a healthy and very tasty recipe in here. For your dinners, there’s like, chicken pilaf, basil shrimp, apricot pork tenderloins. That one looks delicious. I haven’t had it yet, it sounds good.

Salads. Obviously salads are going to be on the diet but there are some good ones. Beef and mango salad with ginger sauce, honey chicken, spicy chicken on crunchy coleslaw, that sounds good. The tangy bacon salad, pretty awesome when bacon is on the diet list.

There are some fat-burning shakes: Black Forest shake, blueberry shake, fig and banana, orange splash and even a green super shake.

There are soups. They’re not my personal favorite but my wife likes soup. Some of them do sound good, I have to admit. There was one in here that I was going to have her make. I think it’s the lazy man’s hearty soup. That looks pretty good.

There you go. I have more information written out and a little more about the diet on the home page. All right. I hope that helps answer any questions, take care.

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